Xbox Reveal

With the new Xbox reveal the console wars begin afresh in 2013. Microsoft talked a lot about the XboxOne being an all-in-one for TV, internet, video, gaming, etc. It’s a great concept, but far from the truth. XboxOne owners will still need a cable box to watch a cable provided service, and honestly I am not getting rid of my desktop anytime soon just because my console can use the internet just like everything else I own now, including my PlayStation. The new Xbox will be good for streaming like it always has, but not any better or worse than PlayStation as it doesn’t have DVR capabilities for TV. They do throw in original content such as the new  Halo series for a bonus, but for how much Microsoft toted XboxOne’s TV capabilities I feel like it falls short.

Hurray for a new Call of Duty! Actually I could care less. For CoD fans it’s great news, but I am a lot more interested in the other “exclusive” titles (specifically the new ones). Watch Dogs looks amazing and I am looking forward to a new Assassin’s Creed installment since I was rather disappointed by ACIII. Pirates ahoy! I’m calling for the next installment to include ninjas. (But really Ubisoft, Japan, China, or Egypt please?) The release titles for XboxOne are decent at least. Despite a lot of great games though Halo 5 is the only exclusive that would give me a reason to purchase it. The console is only as good as the software that supports it.

Lastly was the Kinect. Games for the original Kinect were lacking to say the least. While motion controllers are fun, not everyone has a room large enough to hop around in with one person let alone two or six people at once. The aspect of the Kinect I am most impressed with is it’s ability for motion capture and personal voice recognition. If you want to play with hand motions you could always get the new Galaxy S4. A button tap and a wave aren’t much different. It does make you feel like a magician though. Maybe if you practice enough you can rob a bank too?

So overall I’m not convinced in buying the XboxOne because PS has all the capabilities that I could want in addition to the titles: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts (eventually), Tales, The Last of Us, Thief plus most of the games that are releasing on XboxOne are also releasing on PS4. Microsoft has the chance to convince me at E3, but we’ll see. I think the most troublesome aspect for both systems with be the price tag.

In other ramblings a friend posted this article on Facebook and I want to share. Check it out: A Dribble of Ink. I might have more to talk about on this subject at another time.


I Have To Be An Adult Now!?

It is finished; I am an adult. Real world watch out because I am no longer constrained by an academic institution. I have refrained from posting anything while I looked for a job (I found one!). Although I still need to find another part-time (anyone? I design all things!). Now that the stress of having $0 income is slightly smaller I felt compelled to blog about it. I will actually be keeping up with my site from now on as it is one of my summer goals, which I will be posting in the near future. I have them written on paper…somewhere. Once I find that blasted paper hidden in a box lost in my room buried underneath my distaste in cleaning my room, it will be up in no time! In the mean time I might as well list my computer build from the last time I posted. I have no idea when that actually occurred as my sense of time has been lost due to a lack of schedule and repressed finals memories. WordPress says it happened in February. 

I have named him HAL. He even has an ominous glowing red LED.
Case: CoolerMaster HAF 922 Mid
Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Formula
CPU: Intel i7 Sandy Bridge
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
Monitor: Asus PB 23″ 6ms IPS
Keyboard: My mom’s Dell SK-8115
Other specs: 2TB HDD, 128GB SSD, 16GB DDR3

Speaking of which – this build is possible thanks to my amazing parents as a graduation present. I know I’m spoiled. I also know I will not get another cent from them. I do owe them a lake house one day.

Computer Architecture

Step one in my quest for game development glory includes building a computer. I am not delving into Mac vs. PC because that would just open a can of worms I would rather remain closed, tightly. Honestly I don’t have a preference; I like them both. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and since I already have a Macbook, I’m going to get a PC. I also enjoy the challenge of creating my own computer from the ground up, not to mention most games run on PC – not that my computer will be used for anything other than game development. Right.

So the categories I need are: case, CPU, motherboard, video/graphics card, RAM, storage, power, optical drive, heatsink, sound card, SSD with a price of $1500, more or less – most likely more.

I’ve settled on BitFenix Outlaw for my case at a nice $60. For CPU I’m between AMD FX-8350 at $200 or the Intel i7 3770 for $290. I am completely lost on which motherboard to get although I’ve narrowed my choices down to the cheapest compatible Gigabyte or MSI motherboard I can get with 4 channels. Anyone who is tech-savvy and willing to help out a poor soul please respond!

I am currently researching video/graphics cards and am willing to spend a bit more for the graphics cards so something in the $200-300 range sounds nice. In the meantime I am will be playing with Adobe After Effects and a pen and tablet. Hurray for drawing skills! Virtually speaking, of course.

New Portfolio Website

Alright my new website is up and running. You can find it at: It’s not quite finished because I worked on it for over 4 hours yesterday and when I went to preview it all my work magically disappeared. I was saving every 15 minutes and everything. *Sigh.* Aw well, it’s almost back. I am now going to use my WordPress site as – I can’t believe this – a blog. I have decided to impose my thoughts on the world. It shall be an interesting experiment where I talk about game development, of course, and random other things like squirrels, and how crappy the weather in Michigan is. Those types of things. 

Growing Pains

I haven’t updated my profile in a while because I’ve actually been looking for a site that’s easier to use. I believe I’ve found one and once I’ve moved I’ll post my new website address here. 

Updates! Yay!

Updated “About Me” page and continuing to work on website.

On another note, Sweet 16, baby! Anyone who reads this blog should immediately become a Michigan State volleyball fan and root us on for the remainder of the tournament (especially since we play Michigan).

Everyone Has to Start Somewhere (Might As Well Be Here).

Getting my feet wet at being professional and getting ready for life after college. Site will be updated in the coming months with games and other projects I have completed, will continue to work on, or will be working on in the future. Game on!